My name Lisa Michelle Perelaer. I graduated with Honours from Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), my major being Game Design (Bachelor of Creative Media and Game Technologies). During the bachelor, I have done both Game Design and Development (programming) courses, so you will find a mixture of the two on this portfolio site. As a game designer, I focus on creating meticulous designs (documents), communicating with all branches in the team and researching to create player-centric products. I like to take the lead when meeting with clients and the team, so I know exactly where we are in the development process. I see this 'lead' not as being a leader, but as someone who guides the process with kindness and openness.

I am also flexible in what I do; I can help programmers with their tasks and communicate in coding terms. In my current job, I'm a full time front-end web developer and I help with the refinement process. In the (2D) art department, I have some knowledge with pixel art and tileset creating. Last but not least, I have some music composition knowledge; again, this helps in communicating team wants, needs and the final design decisions.

On this portfolio website, there is a projects page and a curriculum vitae page. The projects page will tell you everything about what I have done, from graduation projects, to my internship, exchange and other school projects. With each project I will explain my main role and contribution, work snippets and/or playable prototypes. I hope you will find it interesting and inspiring.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn or e-mail!

JRPG Battle System with narrative enhancements (2020-2021)

Game Design, Gameplay Programming, Research
This project received a maximum score.

After extensive target audience and content research, I have prototyped a JRPG battle system featuring enhancements that make the battle system feel as a part of the over-arching narrative.

Algae Energy for Sherlocked (2020)

Lead Game Design, primary contact & group coördinator

Explanation of one of the two group projects we made for Sherlocked. It focuses on a simulation for a would-be live installation to inspire young adolescents to choose a secondary education in Technology.

Internship ING Tech R&D The Netherlands (2019-2020)

Lead Game Designer

During my internship at Tech R&D at ING, I took on the role as Lead Game Designer on both a project in it’s ending phase and a new project. I took a leading role in organizing meetings and making the design and a support role in programming the prototype.

Networking Programming Module (2020)


I followed an extra core module in programming. It has been made using Unity’s new networking system and phpMyAdmin; it’s a text adventure game using a randomly generated maze that can be played with up to four players.

Tileset & Pixel Art (2016 – )

Pixel Art, Tileset & Spritesheet creations

For a long time I have created sprites and a tileset that can be used in RPG Maker MV. Can be used in other programs and works with autotiling.

3D Blockout Project (2018)

Level Design (ProBuilder / ProGrids)

A 3D level for the sake of level design practice, accompanied with an explanatory PowerPoint and a playable blockout in Unity.

Exchange Kyushu University, Fukuoka Japan (2018-2019)

Game Design,  Level Design,  Media Design

For a 7 month period, I have been an exchange student at Kyushu University, where I was able to be a part of Mr. Matsuguma’s Game Development lab and follow Media Design lessons. I have been able to join one game development related team project and have been to many Japanese Game Development related events. Other works were mostly related to Media design (posters, web development, packaging).

Bust A Move Twist! (2017 & 2019)


The first programming module, which I redid 2 years later to retry implementing A* pathfinding after failing in my first try to achieve this.
This is the project where I actively started to learn more about programming again.

Language of Lyse : RPG Maker XP Hobby Project (2015)

Narrative Design, Level Design, Gameplay Design, Art, WYSIWYG Programming

My high-school profile essay/piece, which is still my side-project.
It’s a JRPG where the protagonist is a relatively strong girl with a mysterious gift to read an ancient language.
The program I now use is RPG Maker MV, the project I delivered in my last year of high school was in RPG Maker XP.

“Strijd van de Student” – “Student’s War” Card Game (2018)

Gameplay & Mechanics Design

A core module of Game Design. This project started as a board game and turned into a card game.
The theme of the game is trying to be the best student out of everyone, not just by ‘getting’ the best marks, but also by completing challenges that requires the player to be the best creative thinker in the group.

3D Modelling (2017 – )

3D Modelling

A couple of 3D assets I made in Maya or Blender, for different projects.

Slime Shooter! (2017)

Programming, Gameplay & Mechanics Design, Digital Prototyping

My first Unity Project, which contains programming and design. The task was to create a first-person shooter.
I still show this on here (despite it being my first project), because I think it shows my skills in creating an ambiance.

SPOOK (2017)

Programming, Digital Prototyping, Gameplay & Mechanics Design

My second Unity Project, a programming and design project.
SPOOK is a side-scrolling platformer, where a little ghost who is afraid of drafty haunted houses, is challenged by his friends to go through one.