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Optimized for RPG Maker MV



On this page you will find screenshot and gifs

After my high school graduation project (here), I wanted to upgrade my game from RPG Maker XP to RPG Maker MV. The standard assets were not as I wanted my game to eventually look, although I did want to make use of some of them. I decided to try 'pixel art' myself - it's not really pixel art; rather a mixture of pixel art with digital painting techniques. The result is what you see in the screenshots above and below. After a while, I came to the idea of selling these as a tileset, when the whole tileset would be done.
Because I wanted to make my game in RPG Maker MV, I also decided to make my own sprites in RPG Maker MV. I have later decided to also use these assets in my Bachelor Graduation Project in Unity (here).



These are maps made in RPG Maker MV using solely my self-made tiles.


When I started making sprites, I was using a couple of extensions in RPG Maker that would let the characters have an 8 frame cycle, for idle pose, walking and running, including diagonal movement. I loved that idea, but I quickly came to realize that if I wanted to make a game on my own that it would take way too long for me. You can see the 8 frame walk only diagonal cycle farther down this page. The characters you see below are made up of 3 framed ping-pong animations. Some of them are animations used for battles; some of them aren't entirely finished (the green-haired guy is work in progress).


The past sprites I was talking about are here. We start with the 8 frame, diagonal walking one that I never finished because it was taking so long and I would have to do this for every character sprite. After removing diagonal movement, I also had to redo all the sprites because they were too large and this gave problems in RPG Maker MV when walking next to buildings, etc. I first kept the 8 frames, but eventually also removed the 8 frames because I had to redo the sprites again; I wanted the sprites to match with the height of the battle sprites. All in all I redid a lot of things a couple of times because I could not get things to work in RPG Maker MV as I had envisioned it and I didn't have a lot of experience. However, the experience is there now.