Name: Language of Lyse
Team: Duo - Brenda van den Berg & Me
Year:  12th grade (VWO senior year)  | 2015-2016

Technical Engine: RPG Maker MV / RPG Maker XP
Language: JavaScript (not used) / RGSS (used)
Difficulty: ★



Language of Lyse's story is completely written by me, and it is a project I work on on the side when I have time.


Language of Lyse is an adventure lived by 19-year old Nica, who dreams of leaving her village to see the world. But life just does not go like that, and she ends up working in her parents store.
With no companions of her age, she ends up playing with the local kids, and reading a lot. After all, in her village, the one outstanding place is the Library, with thousands of books. But these books cannot be read without a special gift, gotten through sheer luck.

The books are so valuable that only the formerly transcribed ones are open to public. With no readers left in the world, the old ones are guarded.

As Nica goes through her day, she discovers a shed she has never seen before leading to the hidden section. But what she finds there leads to a journey around the world to learn about the ancient Language, all to find the answer to a mysterious and agitating scroll.


Language of Lyse Project Through the Years

When I started this project, I was in my sophomore year of high school. I decided to make a game in RPG Maker XP for my senior year end-project.
I could combine programming, art, music composition and writing by doing this and through this project, I found out that I wanted to go into the game development work-field.
I did all writing, eventing (the way game-play programming works in the RPG Maker franchise), script writing (programming using RGSS), making of character art, and extra music compositions.
My friend helped me with level design, but she was responsible for the advertising, hence the trailer, website, business cards and even staff t-shirts.
We scored 95%, and I think this project was also what got me into the HKU Utrecht School of the Arts.

Right now I'm continuing making this, except I upgraded to RPG Maker MV. I decided I wanted to make everything, including art, not because that is a wise thing to do if you want to finish a project, but because I really like doing that as a hobby.
Here are some screenshots from the first version:


RPG Maker MV version

I'm currently working on the tilesets, sprites and story. I keep my storybook in OneNote, which I often use to organize storybooks.

Programming: RGSS

The following scripts are written in RPG Maker XP's Ruby Game Scripting System - RGSS, scripts I've written in my sophomore/senior year.