Playthrough | Level Design (ProBuilder, ProGrids, Invector Locomotion)


Name: Level Design
Team:  Individual
Year:  2nd Year HKU  | 2018

Playable Block-out (Download)

Technical Engine: Unity
With use of ProBuilder, ProGrid & Invector 3rd Person Controller
Difficulty: ★★★


This Level Design was inspired by Ni no Kuni, Dragon Quest 8 and Tales of Zestiria.

It started in my head as having a tower where you could see the top. From there on out until the ground level, where you as a player begin, a large and atmospherically lit waterfall pours down into a large basin. This is the landmark of the level, but it also provides a clue to where the player should ultimately end up: the top behind the waterfall.

I used ProBuilder and ProGrids to create the level in Unity. With some minimal coding, I made sure the switches worked and it could be 'played through'.
The accompanying document contains 2D maps from top-view, to show the order in which the switches have to be used and which objects react to that switch.
I also noted a little bit what kind of game this level would fit in.