Team: Individual
Year:  1st Year HKU  | 2017

Engine: Unity
Language: C#
Difficulty: ★★


On this page you will find my second Unity Project. There is a video and a very simple script. I am proud of this project, as it shows in its aesthetics something that is inherently me; which is why I am leaving this project up despite its beginner project simplicity.

SPOOK started out with a soundtrack that I love: Grandia's "Ancient Illusionary Castle" from Iwadare Noriyuki. (The first part of it).

The narrative goes like this: SPOOK is a little ghost who is afraid of haunted houses. His friends, also ghosts, therefore dare him to enter a nearby mansion.
However, the mansion is dangerous, because they have all kinds of things installed that can fade him away: all things that blow or makes gusts of wind.

In this project, I wanted to do a 2D project, and look at what Unity could do. The scripting was not as heavy as Slime Shooter! because I worked with small elements. I worked with the particle system here to make the gust and used particle collision to make SPOOK have a "death" state when touching the gust.

The following scripting excerpt is how I made the holding of keys for the next door visual. However, I think it gives a better feel of the game to watch the video 🙂