Name: Slime Shooter!
Team: Individual
Year:  1st Year HKU  | 2017

Reflection document: Slime Shooter! Design Document v1

Engine: Unity
Language: C#
Difficulty: ★★


Slimeys, very food-loving creatures, have taken over your village. There is only one way to rid the village of the infestation: make them so happy they go back to their own world.

How? By feeding them their favorite food: cupcakes!

This first-person shooter concept is one suitable for kids. I wanted this to be something all ages could play and enjoy.
This is also my first Unity Project. I think that is a bit obvious from the play-through, however I think this project shows that I can think outside the box when it comes to ambiance.
I also just really like this project.

I started out with some simple sketches for the gameplay. (This is in Dutch, mostly)

I added one special mechanic except just the shooting cupcakes to slimeys.
The idea was that when you don't shoot the slimeys, they still approach you and jump on you (because you smell like you're loaded with cupcakes).
This however is bad for your health (the longer they stay, the less your Health Points become), so you need to get those slimes to a 'cookie-point', a huge floating cookie that is more delicious than the player with it's cupcakes, but doesn't have the magic to send the slimeys back to their world.
The slimes then jump on the cookie, and they stay distracted there for a couple of seconds. The player then has the chance to shoot the special cupcakes to them.

I also created extra 3D models to give an impression. Here are some screenshots of the 3D models and some sketches.

I view this as a work in progress, as I really want to re-do the level design, the programming, and add a lot of polishing.
In the mean time, you can preview a little bit of the code here. (Please just keep in mind this is how I started out with programming!