Name: Princess Room
Year:  1st Year HKU  | 2017

Engine: Maya
Difficulty: ★★


On this page, I will show some beginner level work I did with 3D modelling.


Princess Room - Environmental Modelling (2017 Q2)

Software: Maya 2016

In the last semester of our first year, I chose the subject Environmental Modelling, and I am glad I did. I enjoyed it a lot and I learned a lot. As inspiration, I used one of my favorite games: Fantasy Life.
I decided I wanted to make a princess room, one that is a little over-the-top pink and emits a friendly atmosphere. Here is the result!



BlenderGuru Donut

Software: Blender 2.8

Hoping to learn Blender, I started the famous BlenderGuru's course on modelling a donut.

This is the final version.

Global Game Jam 2020

Software: Blender 2.8

Assets I made for our GGJ project 'Hexaflex'.

FLY-ing machine - 3D Modelling Course (2017 Q1)

Software: Maya 2016

We started this course out with following George Maestri's online course on 3D modelling using Maya. To provide you my level at that time, here is a screenshot of the first ever thing I made in 3D:

After some sketches of possible flying machine, I decided to take one with a pun.


Slime Shooter! Assets (2017 Q1)

Software: Maya 2016

For my first Unity project, Slime Shooter! I made 3 assets using my beginner Maya knowledge.