Welcome! My name is Lisa. I love a lot of stuff, so I have a lot to share. Most important thing to me? Making you and a lot of other people smile! 😀


I have always been a person who liked creative things. Be it drawing, be it writing,  or singing, I have a lot of hobbies. But then I had to decide on a future, and I decided to go for something where I would be able to combine a couple of my hobbies.
A large factor that had influence on me going for game development/design was the RPG Maker franchise, where I could have hands on experience on combining drawing and writing, and even some composing as well. One thing lead to another, and now I'm learning Game Design at the HKU - Utrecht School of the Arts.

If I wouldn't have done Game Design, I would have tried to become a singer.  Singing and game developing seem to be far away from each other, but they have one thing in common that I think is my goal in my career.

I want to make people happy.

In my pursuit to bring happiness, I can only offer temporary happiness right now, as a singer or as a game maker. One day, I hope to create an experience in the game scene that will have the scientifically proven effect of relaxation and heightened levels of happiness-related hormones.

Combining this with my personal favorite genre in games - the J-RPG - I hope I will ever be able to proudly show a product that I can believe will be enjoyed by many.

Professional Skills

RPG Maker


Narrative Design
Level Design


  Other Skills & Hobbies

  • 95%


  • 40%


  • 40%


  • 55%


Favorite Games

I have 3 games that I absolutely love, and I cannot bring a hierarchy in it. These are therefore in random order!


This game is slightly older than me. It first came out on the Sega DreamCast, but I had the PSN version. The story is fresh: this RPG does not begin with a massive doom spreading on the world to be saved by one hero. It ends with it, yes, but the whole point of the story is the true wonders of adventure. The characters and the story are very well written, and I was happy to see that, when it came to the Playstation Network as a golden oldie, it still received very high praise.
For me though, this game is very nostalgic and for that reason I set it apart from the next two, as I believe nostalgia is a factor that can completely twist one's opinion (although I still recommend any reader to play it!).
One of my dreams would be to remaster this game. Although maybe the term remaster is not exactly applicable: I mean that the art uses the technology of the today, but the music, story and mechanics stay the same.
Update: It is coming to the Nintendo Switch!! I am so glad. Still, I hope they will make a version someday with full on 3D graphics as well 🙂

Fantasy Life

This game always brings a smile on my face. It is probably the only game where I still want to continue playing even though the story-line is over. There is so much to do, and the setting is adorable in a kind of way that makes it enjoyable to all ages - and not just the young. Fantasy Life is easy to roll into, it is not a difficult and overly strategic game, yet it still offers quite a challenge on extra bosses. This is the only RPG to date that I wanted to play with other people too.
I very much hope to see a Nintendo Switch Fantasy Life, but right now I also hope that I will get a glimpse of Fantasy Life Online.

Rune Factory 4

I started with the first one and played all of the Rune Factory's. The last installment, Rune Factory 4, is my favorite. Combining J-RPG, farming- and crafting systems, plus the ability to better your relationships with other characters and a good plot makes for one of the best games I've played.
Rune Factory is definitely harder to play though, and unfortunately I have yet to finish the full game without cheating (not as in hacking, but there is a way to finish without having to level all the way up).
I hope there will be a Switch version. Personally, I would love to see the quality of Rune Factory 4 combined with the 3D art as seen in Rune Factory Frontier.


I have always loved singing, and I love Japanese culture. I have been covering Japanese Pop songs on my YouTube channel since I was 15.
You can watch me here!